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Predict with passion, earn with Chosen.

Project Chosen is a community-driven SocialFi platform and the first multimode prediction market built on zkSync Era.

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About Project Chosen?

Project Chosen allows anyone to earn rewards and continuous income through predictions, social sharing, voting, etc. All user behavior data will be fully and authentically saved on the zkSync Era network. Project Chosen provides an open platform where crypto influencers can interact better with the community while users can participate in the prediction market to earn profits in multimodes. As the first multi-mode prediction market built on zkSync Era, Project Chosen will collaborate with good players in the zkSync Era ecosystem to fully power ecosystem startups, helping them with value discovery, community growth, brand exposure, and more.

$CHOSEN is the native token of the system, used for governance, access, payments, and incentives. $ONE is an untransferable token issued by the platform on the zkSync Era network, used to record users' participation, activity, and potential earnings on the platform.

Why Choose Us

Project Chosen is an ideal destination for Web3 residents to discover gems; it is also an excellent partner to help Web3 startups grow their brand awareness.

Multi-mode Prediction Market

Project Chosen is the first multi-mode prediction market built on zkSync Era, providing users with diverse prediction options and opportunities to earn rewards.

Community-driven Platform

The platform is owned and driven by the community, which empowers users to participate in community governance and decision-making.

SocialFi Integration

With features such as sharing prediction proposals, inviting friends to participate, and interaction between members, users can have fun and engaging experiences while earning rewards.

Chosen Membership Benefits

Users can obtain Chosen membership by staking designated tokens or buying NFTs, which provide benefits such as exclusive access to prediction, the ability to initiate proposals, vote and more.

Partner Ecosystem

Project Chosen collaborates with excellent players in the zkSync Era ecosystem, such as launchpad, DEX, infra toolings, to provide startups with value discovery, community growth, and brand exposure.

No-loss Incentives

Project Chosen has innovatively built a prediction market that supports a non-loss mode, meaning that users do not need to worry about final losses caused by incorrect predictions.

Multi Gameplay with NFTs

Players who correctly predict the outcome of the proposals will receive additional Chosen Winner Trophy NFTs, forging the Chosen Key NFT as proof of Chosen membership, with unscheduled airdrop rewards.

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